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About Our Roaster

A word or two about our roaster, Crimson Cup…

Since 1991, roasting awesome coffee in small batches in Columbus, Ohio has been our passion and reason for existence. We are true coffee geeks, obsessed with bringing the best coffee in the world home to you. Whether you choose one of our signature blends, a single-origin varietal, Organic Fair Trade or any of our extensive selection of seasonal, decaffeinated and flavored coffees, you will know that you are going to get a great cup!

Awesome coffee begins with the beans, which come in five grades (the measure of quality for coffee). Crimson Cup uses only the finest:   
Highest Class, Specialty Grade coffee beans, representing the most elite coffee beans harvested worldwide.

Our devotion to freshness ensures that you will get delicious coffee every time. Whether you drink Crimson Cup at a coffee house or restaurant or brew it at home, you’re assured of a consistently awesome cup.